Best Games Like Xenoblade Chronicles

Want more open-world action RPGs like Xenoblade? Check out this list of the best games like Xenoblade Chronicles for PC and consoles.

Starting on the Nintendo Wii, Xenoblade Chronicles has gone on to establish a niche yet feverish following of players who obsessively play every new game in the series.

Fresh off the release of Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition, and more recently, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 for the Switch, it will likely be a few years before fans can expect a new entry.

In the meantime, we suggest exploring our picks for the best games like Xenoblade Chronicles for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch to hold you over until the next game.

This includes games with combat like Xenoblade Chronicles, as well as the best open-world games and best action RPGs that feature similar elements.

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To get started, we recommend Xenoblade fans pick up the recent 3D remake of Trials of Mana that came to PC and consoles in 2020.

In it, players follow three heroes hailing from different backgrounds as they embark on a journey to obtain a mythical sword and use it to defeat a cataclysmic threat.

Similar to Xenoblade Chronicles, the gameplay consisted of real-time RPG battles and the ability to freely explore vast 3D landscapes.

Additionally, Trials of Mana features its own host of character classes that can be mixed and matched to create chains of powerful attacks.

Next up is Tales of Arise, another beloved Japanese action RPG that shares many similarities with Xenoblade Chronicles.

The story centers on two characters that come from polar opposite worlds but must try and put their differences aside to end the ongoing war between their civilizations.

Combat is designed around the Tales series’ Linear Motion Battle System, in which party members come together to perform team-wide attacks, counters, and evades.

Beyond battling, Tales of Arise features vibrant 3D environments with exploration reminiscent of games like Xenoblade Chronicles.

Abandoning its turn-based roots in favor of real-time combat with action RPG mechanics, Final Fantasy VII Remake still manages to capture the feeling of playing through the original.

This is additionally enhanced by expanded, intricate surroundings that give the game’s universe a complete and well-developed sensation.

Like Xenoblade Chronicles, FF7’s story is ripe with emotional moments where beloved characters pour their hearts out on screen.

This makes it a great alternative for Xenoblade fans that also own a PlayStation console or gaming PC.

With a history that extends further than Xenoblade, Monster Hunter has amassed its own cult-like following of fans that obsess over every new release.

Monster Hunter Rise is the latest addition to the creature slaying franchise and introduces a host of new features that make combat and traversal even more fluid.

This includes a new Wirebug mechanic that allows players to quickly scale cliffs and climb structures as well as perform new attacks with every weapon in the game.

Although storytelling isn’t as prominent in Monster Hunter as in Xenoblade, fans will enjoy having an abundance of systems to manage while taking on massive monsters.

If you’re a Switch owner, your options for great RPGs like Xenoblade are practically endless, with the Pokemon games ranking consistently high on that list.

Whether you’re a fan of Game Freak’s monster tamer or completely new to the series, Pokemon Legends Arceus is the perfect starting point.

Operating separate from the mainline games, it transports players to a bygone era of Pokemon’s history to help catalog the very first Pokedex.

Gameplay mirrors that of the core Pokemon experience while introducing new regional Pokemon variants, dynamic battles, and open-ended exploration.

Another niche RPG franchise with a loyal following, the Ys series has been around since the late 1980s, with the first entry released for the PC-88 home computer in Japan.

Since then, the series has steadily appeared on both PC and home consoles in Western territories, including the most recent entry Ys IX: Monstrum Nox.

Adapting Ys’ action RPG combat for more modern audiences, Monstrum Nox lets players control and switch between multiple characters on-the-fly, each with their own playstyles and unique skills.

As a result, battles feel more fast-paced while rounding out the game’s top-notch storytelling with character arcs reminiscent of Xenoblade Chronicles.

Whereas Xenoblade has always relied on ancient technology and fantasy tropes to tell its story, the Persona games are grounded in more contemporary themes.

That’s not a knock against either series as they both offer satisfying JRPG gameplay with memorable characters you’ll get to know intimately over the course of 100+ hours.

Persona 5 Royal is an expanded version of Persona 5 that’s available on PC and consoles and adds a host of new content, namely a new party member and story cutscenes.

In it, you take on the role of a rebellious teenager and must divide your time between attending high school, hanging out with friends, and dungeon-crawling through dream worlds.

Dragon Quest is another long-running video game franchise that explores similar themes as Xenoblade while featuring traditional turn-based RPG battling.

If it’s your first time dabbling with the series, we recommend starting with Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age, which casts you as a young man who discovers he’s a legendary hero reincarnated.

Armed with this newfound knowledge, he sets off on a magical adventure that leads him to new lands to cross paths with unique characters and mysteries.

Like Xenoblade, the story extends beyond its protagonist’s journey to give companions time in the spotlight through various side quests and mini-games.

Without a doubt the best free-to-play alternative for games like Xenoblade Chronicles, Genshin Impact shakes up the action RPG formula with elemental-based character classes.

This allows for a wide array of playstyles with distinct strengths and weaknesses depending on how players arrange their squads.

Similar to Xenoblade, battles in Genshin Impact require you to leverage each character’s abilities and combine them to take down foes quickly.

Even though the game has a reputation for being very grindy, as is the nature of most free-to-play titles, this is nothing new for Xenoblade fans.

Last but not least, anyone who owns a Switch and hasn’t yet picked up The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is greatly encouraged to do so, especially if they’re a Xenoblade fan.

This is due to it featuring many of the same fantasy tropes, including references to ancient technology and a sword-wielding protagonist.

Additionally, both offer sprawling open worlds filled with tucked-away areas housing side quests, useful resources, and powerful gear.

While BOTW’s combat is a lot more streamlined and straightforward than Xenoblade Chronicle’s, every battle can be approached in a multitude of ways that allow for creative solutions.

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