Best Typing Games 2023

Want to improve your typing speed? The best typing games on Steam will help you hone your keyboard skills while also having fun.

If you’re someone who likes to casually game while getting better at a particular skill, typing games for PC can be a lot of fun.

Equal parts educational and mechanical, they allow you to improve your typing speed while getting acclimated with your keyboard’s layout.

For the best results, we suggest picking up one of the best typing games on Steam for adults and kids.

This includes typing adventure games, typing puzzle games, and typing racing games designed with both native and non-native English speakers in mind.

To not waste any more time, let’s jump right into our picks for typing video games!

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First up on our list is TypeOut, a one-of-a-kind typing challenge that combines racing, strategy, and arcade game elements.

In it, you race against other enemies to complete your typing prompts as quickly and accurately as possible.

Along the way, you can unlock power-ups that let you strategically attack your opponents to slow them down as you inch toward the finish line.

TypeOut is currently in Steam Early Access and will continue to receive updates that add new modes, power-ups, unlockables, and other features.

Outshine is another arcade typing racing game that sees you powering your way through short prompts to destroy enemies.

The game features multiple worlds with unique themes and levels that see you leveraging special powers against different bosses.

Those looking to up the degree of challenge can explore Outshine’s online leaderboards along with a litany of game modifiers.

These allow you to set custom rules, rebind keys, and tailor the gameplay experience to your liking.

For a more relaxed typing experience, we recommend playing CozyTyper, a casual typing game with retro-style pixel art.

Developed and published by imophi, this game immerses you in a cozy atmosphere where you’ll spend your time practicing how to type in peace.

Weekly progress is tracked and monitored using a reports system that helps clue you into areas of improvement.

Lastly, CozyTyper offers both Story and Freeplay modes with the ability to customize your cursor, color palette, and more.

Next up is Missile Input, an action-packed typing game that tasks you with shooting down UFOs, jets, birds, and other flying targets from a missile base.

This is done by successfully typing out various prompts that deal damage based on your speed and accuracy.

As you progress through the story, you’ll unlock special equipment tied to targets you’ve defeated and one of two possible factions.

Beyond that, Missile Input includes alternate Boss Rush and Survival modes that will put your typing skills to the ultimate test.

Coming courtesy of Sensen Games, Spooky Typing: The Ghost Plague is a casual side-scrolling runner with typing and spelling gameplay.

In it, you explore horizontal levels filled with spooky ghosts and sharp objects that must be eliminated or avoided.

The aim is to reach the last stage unharmed, needing you to type words to defeat foes while being aware of dangers.

It features four difficulty options with over 5000 words grouped by daily usage words and more uncommon ones reserved for tougher enemies.

If you’re looking for a low-stakes typing game to help you unwind after a long day, Quick Words is one of your best options on Steam.

Every round sees you guessing five different 5-letter words tied to certain patterns of letters procedurally generated by the game.

While you rack your brain thinking of words to type out using a satisfying tactile typewriter keyboard, soothing lo-fi music plays in the background.

There are daily challenges that see you competing with others for the highest score and you can even challenge your friends directly.

Neon Ships is another typing game created by Sensen Games that combines shoot ‘em up combat with fast-paced typing gameplay.

In it, players are tasked with guiding a spaceship through chaotic levels filled with challenging aliens and enemy ships.

To survive, you must type out pop culture phrases while dodging incoming fire across three different enemy waves and bosses.

The game includes online leaderboards for tracking high scores and supports a wide range of keyboard layouts beyond the basic QWERTY configuration.

Nanotale – Typing Chronicles is a story-driven typing adventure RPG that comes from the same developer as Outshine.

Taking on the role of a young archivist, you explore a dying world to catalog its many mysteries and wonders in an effort to save it.

It’s not long until you find yourself face-to-face with enemies that can only be defeated by casting powerful spells with your keyboard.

Nanotale supports 11 different languages and lets you rebind keys based on your preferred layout.

Switching gears, The Textorcist is a horror-themed typing game with action-packed bullet hell combat and pixel art graphics.

The story follows Ray Bibbia, an exorcist on a mission to squash a demonic outbreak while navigating his dark and sinful past.

His journey leads him to a decayed city overrun by thugs, monsters, and other criminals that can only be dispatched by performing exorcism rituals.

These require you to type out holy phrases while dodging an onslaught of bullets, bombs, and other enemy hellfire.

Keeping with the horror theme, The Typing of The Dead: Overkill is a typing game classic that’s best enjoyed these days via a faithful PC port.

Much like the original House of the Dead, the game has you exploring zombie-filled corridors as you investigate the source of the outbreak.

However, the twist here is that all of your attacks rely on you typing out words and phrases while grotesque monsters make their way toward you.

The PC version supports 2-player co-op with full Steam integration and three difficulty levels in addition to a special ‘hardcore,’ option for those brave enough.

Serving as the predecessor to Nanotale, Epistory – Typing Chronicles is another narrative typing adventure game made by Fishing Cactus.

In it, players are transported to a magical origami world to guide a heroic girl and her giant fox as they battle against an army of corrupted insects.

Like Nanotale, combat revolves around typing out phrases to damage enemies as they approach your character from all sides.

The game features an adaptive difficulty system that adjusts the level of challenge based on your current skill level.

Moving on, we recommend typing game fans check out WAVER, a colorful and rhythmic typing adventure game by Buried Things.

Heavily influenced by sporting events, this game sees you controlling a crowd of 26 passionate fans as they follow their favorite sports team around the world.

To help egg them on during games and win the season, you’ll type out phrases that translate to powerful crowd wave attacks.

The mix of rhythm and touch-typing gameplay make WAVER stand out from other games on this list while providing a fun way to refine your keyboard skills.

Designed for all ages and experience levels, Typing Land is a cute typing game with cartoony animals and colorful visuals that will have you grinning ear to ear.

Best described as a mini-game collection, it has you exploring 40 unique challenges that cover a wide range of typing skills.

This includes basic things like where to place your fingers on the keyboard as well as learning to spell and type out common everyday words.

For all your hard work, Typing Land rewards you with badges that can be set as your profile icon after completing their respective lesson or challenge.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to speak or even type in a different language, you’re not alone!

Available for both PC and mobile platforms, You Can Kana is a typing word game that can help you learn and master Japanese phonetic alphabets.

It offers a wide selection of quick and engaging lessons that introduce you to Katakana and Hiragana characters at your own pace.

This is done by learning the correct pronunciation and stroke order for common words in a meditative and tranquil setting.

To conclude our list, we’ve chosen to highlight an updated remaster of one of the best typing games on Steam, Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey.

In this game, you’re assigned to help a pair of scythe-wielding reapers named Grimm and Rose defeat an army of monsters, ghosts, and evil hares.

The adventure plays out across 70 unique quests with fully animated characters and over 192,000 English words.

Players who complete the story are welcome to try out a customizable Endless mode included with the remaster and see just how long they can last.

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